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Our Story

Starting with the experience of building the Gwangyang Steelworks (four Coke plants) of POSCO, the largest integrated works in the world during the 1980s, Lotte E&C has continuously produced success stories like Hyundai Steel Dangjin Steelworks (the cutting-edge steelworks of the 21st century), the largest Logistics Center in Korea for Lotte Mart and EPC of the Lotte Samkang Cheonan Factory (the most advanced production facility under the HACCP).

Moreover, Lotte E&C has successfully completed the various power plants. Currently, it is converting the West Incheon Combined Cycle Power Plant to a Combined Heat and Power Plant. The company is also steadily moving forward to develop power plants in Naepo City, Daegu and North Busan Port as one of the leading EPC contractors of plant business area. As for the overseas businesses, Lotte E&C has successfully completed the New Automatic LPG Storage Facilities in Jordan as well as the 400MW Al Qatrana Power Plant that supplies about 17 percent of Jordan’s electricity. Recently, Lotte E&C was awarded with another project located in Al Manakher, Jordan, which is the world’s largest diesel engine power plant with output of 600MW.

In order to realize a more prosperous world in the future, Lotte E&C is currently undertaking various project based on its capability for air quality control sewage, wastewater and waste treatment projects. The company is making the best use of MBT, which is Korea’s No.1 New Technology, in the production of recyclable fuel through the waste pre-treatment process. Not only expanding its various plant businesses required by the local industries, the Plant Business Division is also focusing its core resources in investigating power plants and the environmental, petrochemical, and industrial plant markets by joining with Honam Petrochemical, KP Chemical, Lotte Confectionery, and Hankook tire in India, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

Power/Green Energy

Power/Green Energy

Power&Green Energy

Starting with the Cogeneration Plants for Lotte World Seoul and Hotel Lotte in Korea, Lotte E&C has successfully completed projects such as the Central Energy Supply Plant of Jinju Sangpyeong Industrial Complex, and the Honam Petrochemical Corporation Combined Cycle & Cogeneration Power Plant. In addition, Lotte E&C has implemented the design, purchase, construction and commissioning of the Cogeneration Plant for Dongnam Area CES. Following the completion of the Cogeneration Plant for Pangyo and the Jordan Al Qatrana IPP Project, Lotte E&C is also in the process of executing various power plant projects in Andong, Cheongra/Gimpo, Youngheung and Daegu. For overseas business, the Jordan IPP No.3 Power Project is currently under construction in Al Manakher, Jordan on the EPC Turnkey basis.

Moreover, backed by top-notch technology, Lotte E&C is also steadily moving forward in pioneering new markets through development of power plants driven by various alternative energies such as wind, tidal, solar, and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

In the field of Green & Environmental plants, the company was the first to develop the MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment) technology used in the production of recyclable fuel through the waste pre-treatment process. In addition, the company has actively participated in projects of urban waste-water treatment plant, improvement of sewer system, and development of energy recovery systems. Lotte E&C will exert its utmost efforts in leading way for the domestic Green & Environmental plant business through its continued research and development programs.

Petrochemical Plant

Petrochemical Plant

Petrochemical Plant

Lotte E&C has a market-proven record in petrochemical plants including PE and PP plant projects of Honam Petrochemical Corporation in the Yeocheon Industrial complex, the EO/EG project, the BTX plant project, the MMA project and others. Being widely recognized for its excellent

technological capabilities, Lotte E&C has won many contracts for petrochemical plant projects from petrochemical companies like Namhae Chemical, KP Cehmical, and Daesan Petrochemical.

After Lotte E&C’s success in execution of the New Automatic LPG Storage Facilities in Jordan, Lotte is also in the process of building TBA and BR plant in Malaysia. The company is developing excellent technology and construction capability for building petrochemical plants through its continued research and experience.

Industrial Plant

Starting with Korea’s first integrated steel mill in 1972, Lotte E&C successfully completed eight Coke plants including four at Gwangyang, as well as two coke oven gas treatment plants, steel making plant and sintering plants. Leveraging on these accumulated experiences, the company is expertly handling the steel mill projects including coke plants, coke oven gas treatment plants and sintering plants for Hyundai Steel. Lotte E&C has also completed projects for Lotte Samkang

Cheonan Food Factory (edible oil refinery, processing, ice cream, food) in 2005, Lotte Boulangerie Jeungpyeong Factory in 2007, Lotte Samkang Poseung factory in 2008, and large scale Logistics Centers in Osan, Gimhae and Gwangmyeong.

In overseas, the company has completed Lotte Confectionery factories in India and Russia and is currently working on Hankook Tire factories in Indonesia and China. Through knowledge and experience accumulated during the execution of various plants, Lotte E&C plans to leap forward into a new era in the field of industrial plants.