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With a firm commitment to recording a zero-accident record, Lotte E&C enforces strict safety management throughout the organization.

Safety & healthmanagement principle

Safety & health management principle

Lotte E&C is committed to meet the needs of workers and other stakeholders, creating a safe, enjoyable work environment at every site, fulfilling its social responsibilities, and providing a healthy life to all. To accomplish these lofty goals, Lotte E&C has established comprehensive safety and health rules and strictly enforces them.

< Safety & healt management principle >

  • 01. The people of Lotte E&C and its partner firms must work hard to achieve the zero-accident goal.
  • 02. We have established a global safety/health management system that is in complete compliance with KOSHA/OHSAS 18001.
  • 03. We comply with safety rules and regulations while listening intently to what the stakeholders have to say about these so that we can revise and improve them appropriately.
  • 04. We have established a safety management plan based on preventive risk evaluations.
  • 05. We create a comfortable work environment through establishing mutual respect and by caring for each other, thereby forming a lasting safety/health culture.


Lotte E&C is providing the best value to customers, leading the industry with advanced technologies, and contributing to society with socially responsible activities and will achieve the vision of becoming one of Asia’s top-ten construction value creators by 2018. We are getting there one step at a time by pushing the technological envelop, innovating the way we do business, and honing our competitive edge.


1st Safety Value Creator
Seeking to be a company loved by all
  • No. 1 in accident prevention ratio - Best Safety
  • No. 1 in safety awareness ratio - Top Image
  • Penalty Zero - New Profit
Leading green brand + customer (stakeholder) satisfaction + creating future growth engines

Safety/health management system

We are running a proprietary safety/health management system to achieve the goal of no accident in the company or construction sites.

< Daily safety cycle >

Safety training
Safety training
Group meetings
Job safety meeting
Safety inspection
Morning gathering for safety; on-site tool box meeting, Risk prediction, Safety inspection, Job command & supervision, By-weekly safety cycle, Check before daily job commencement/after job completion

 Main safety activities

Running the risking evaluation system

This system analyzes the work process and uncovers its inherent risk factors. And then we come up with ways to reduce the risk and disseminate the information throughout the organization.

Safety training

We are administering consistent training to safety/health managers to change their mindset on risks.

Safety training image

Safety check

We are preventing and reducing accidents by conducting safety checks customized for the different conditions on each site.

Safety check image

Developing training content

We are continuously developing job manuals, visual materials, and textbooks on safety.

Providing safety programs that are relevant to situations

We are establishing safety programs based on suggestions and other input so they are always relevant to the situations at hand.

Process safety management/standardization of safety equipment/standardization of safety work routine, etc.

Pursuit of safety-first culture

Achieve sustainability by establishing safety-first culture that puts safety ahead of everything else


Risk management
- Excerpt on compilation of risk factors by process, Create a risk assessment report
Safety/health consultative group
- Organize a safety/health consultative group - Assign jobs to different people according to risk factors - Keep meeting minutes and disseminate the results
Regular safety/health training
- Administer training under supervision of partner firm’s on-site manager
Safety/health activities
- Check that the assigned jobs are being implemented as planned - Daily safety cycle
Safety Check
- Check that the job is implemented properly - Joint safety checks - Alarm risk-line stop