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R&D Center

The R&D Center explores ways to create a more prosperous society through innovative construction technologies and know-how.

The R&D Center—Leading the Pack

Since its founding in September 1986, Lotte E&C’s R&D Center has consistently served important roles in supporting management, developing new technologies, finding new growth engines, cutting costs, and reducing construction time. The R&D Center is the source of company strategy in becoming one of Asia’s top-ten construction value creators.
Based on a wealth of experience in construction and project management, Lotte E&C has firmly secured core technologies in building ultra-high-rise structures, long bridges, and high value-added CM/PM projects. In addition, we are opening a new horizon in the construction industry by developing environmentally friendly technologies that make possible low-carbon green growth.

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  • 01. Open Innovation R&D
    01. Open innovation R&D

    Integrates technology networks within and outside the center to create new value

  • 02. R&BD (Business Development)
    02. R&BD (Business Development)

    Develops field-first technology support and sets business-oriented technology agendas for future profits

  • 03. Expanding the value chain
    03. Expanding the value chain

    Possesses total solution technologies in construction project planning, facility management, architecture, engineering, and construction

  • 04. Strengthening global technical capabilities
    04. Strengthening global technical capabilities

    Spreads global-best practices through location-specific employee training and work processes for strong, enterprise-wide core competencies.


Supports enterprise-wide creative management
Paradigm change in creative R&D, Creative R&D process
Beefs up global technological competitiveness
Create a global technical network, Manage knowledge-based global technology information, Investigate global technical trend
Strengthens future growth engines
Enter overseas ultra-high-rise building market, Win soil and groundwater cleaning projects, Do research on application technologies related to renewable energy, Move into markets for overseas big tunnel and bridge construction projects
Cost cutting and construction time reduction
Provide total solutions through the full utilization of technical experts within and outside the company

Securing core technologies through global network

The R&D Center has established domestic and international networks for core technology information such as ultra-high-rise building technology, environmentally friendly architecture and materials, renewable energy sources, and carbon dioxide-reducing construction technology.
The center is engaged in technology information gathering, future technology trend research, and knowledge-based global technology information management.

Coal to liquid technology cooperation meeting
Coal to liquid technology cooperation meeting
SOM Company’s ultra-high-rise building architecture
SOM Company’s ultra-high-rise building architecture
Port BF spensor
Port BF spensor
IHI Corp.’s anti-earthquake device presentation
IHI Corp.’s anti-earthquake device presentation
External technical cooperation network area

Creative, innovative R&D activities through technology convergence

The R&D Center is working to help the company diversity its business areas into environment and technology while establishing a wide-encompassing value chain.

We are also creating optimal architecture through computer simulation in the building information modeling project while taking part in the Smart Highway project that combines civil engineering, environmental science, and information technology.

Coal to liquid technology cooperation meeting
A study on the sunshine environment of apartment complex
Coal to liquid technology cooperation meeting
Module for perpendicularity management using GPS
Coal to liquid technology cooperation meeting
Simulation of thermal loads in residential building

Implementing high value-added R&D projects that strengthen CM/PM capabilities

Based on capabilities ranging from initial-stage planning to CM/PM, architecture, engineering, actual construction, and post-construction maintenance, the center is gaining technological expertise and experience.

The center is currently focusing on the planning and selection of R&D projects in response to the changing environment in the global construction industry/market/technology while strengthening soft capabilities in CM/PM areas.

  • Energy-saving environmental technology
  • Hoisting planning
  • Structure design and analysis
  • Machine systems
  • IT fusion
  • Interior environment
  • High-performance materials technology
  • Instrumentation technology
  • Curtain walls
  • Accident prevention/safety technology
  • Vibration control technology