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Ethical Management

Ethical management is gaining trust by improving management transparency and performing socially responsible activities.

Concept of ethical management

<Concept of ethical management>

  • Partner firms - Shared growth/fair trading
  • Shareholders - Improve shareholder value/performance, Raise management transparency
  • Customers - Trust in the company and its products
  • Community - Improve the company’ and leaders’ reputations, Gain trust

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Ethical management pursued by Lotte E&C

 Company seeking to be the best

To be the best company in everything we do, we have implemented a strict ethical management policy.

 The company loved by people

Lotte E&C is following a strict ethical management policy to become a company that is loved by people and contributes greatly to society.

Background and goals of ethical management


  • Transformation of corporate ethics
    • Ethical management has become an integral part of corporate management
    • Corporate social responsibility is an essential requirement for success
    • Ethical management has become part of corporate competitiveness
  • Change in legal, institutional framework
    • Law to discourage corrupt behavior
    • Laws to criminalize bribery in international commerce
  • Change in management environment
    • Citizens’ demand for higher standards of social responsibility
    • Rising awareness of anti-corruption attitude
    • Launch of the Commission against Corruption
  • Change in international environment
    • OECD agreements
    • Launch of the Anti-corruption Round
    • Ethical management is an integral part of corporate management


  • Improving professional attitude of company people
  • Transparent management. Common sense-based management, Build a management system based on trust
  • Establish a solid foundation upon which to build a company that is loved and respected by people inside and outside of the organization.
  • Create ethical corporate culture