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Based on a highly skilled workforce and extensive experience in plant construction, Lotte E&C is creating a better, more prosperous world for all of us.

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Major experiences

Lotte E&C has extensive experience in plant construction

Plant Construction

Based on the experience gained from building Gwangyang Steel Works the world’s largest integrated steel mill in the 1980s, Lotte E&C has since constructed Hyundai Dangjin Steel Mill, Korea’s largest Lotte Mart Osan Distribution Center, and Lotte-Samgang Cheonan Plant. As for power generation plant construction, we converted West Incheon Thermal Power Plant into a 2,000-megawatt-class combined cycle power plant.We are also a leading contractor in the New Naepo City, Daegu, and North Busan Port collective energy projects. Renewable energy projects such as the Garorim Bay Tidal Power Station, wind power, and solar power installations are other areas where Lotte E&C has expanded. Wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment, and renewable energy extraction from waste materials are other areas where Lotte E&C is expanding. In cooperation with the affiliate Honam Petrochemical and KP Chemical, we have participated in building petrochemical plants in Malaysia and Uzbekistan.With Korea’s mature plant construction market, we are expanding our range of operations and have completed an LPG storage facility and 400-megawatt gas-fueled thermal power plant in Jordan. In December 2011, we won another order from Jordan to build the 600-megawatt Al-Manakh diesel-fueled power plant.Construction has been completed on plants for Lotte Confectionary in India and Russia, and construction is underway for Hankook Tire’s Indonesia and China plants. Learn more

Power/Green Energy

Power/Green EnergyPower/Green Energy

Power generation and green energy plants include combined cycle power generation, combined heat thermal power generation, resource recycling facilities, and wastewater treatment centers. This area of Lotte E&C began with the building of a combined cycle power generation plant for Lotte World Seoul and Lotte World Busan. These were followed by the Southeast CES project and the turnkey project to build the Pangyo combined heat power plant. We are building power plants and collective energy facilities in Andong, Chungla/Gimpo, Youngheung Thermal Power Plant (Nos. 5&6), and Daegu.As part of our strategy to increase overseas business, we completed Jordan’s Al-Katrana combined cycle power plant and are now working on the Al-Manakh diesel-fueled plant, the world’s largest.Propelled by Korea’s best technological capabilities, we are entering exciting new markets such as wind and tidal power, and renewable energy plants.To create a more prosperous future, we are expanding the green environment plant area, including wastewater and solid waste treatment, and renewable energy extraction from waste materials. Municipal sewage treatment, sewage water recycling, sewage pipe installation, and resource extraction represent new growth areas for Lotte E&C.

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Petrochemical Plants

Petrochemical PlantsPetrochemical Plants

In chemical plant construction, Lotte E&C completed the Honam Petrochemical’s NCC, BTX plant, utility & off-site plant, SM, BD, PC, EO/EG, PE/PP, and MMA/PMMA plants within the Yeocheon Petrochemical Industrial Zone.In overseas markets, we completed the project to build LPG storage tanks in Jordan, followed by a petrochemical plant construction project in Malaysia.Lotte E&C is committed to winning orders in partnership with group chemical companies in Central and Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

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Industrial Plants

Industrial PlantsIndustrial Plants

Lotte E&C built POSCO No. 1 in 1972, followed by Gwangyang Steel Mill (stage 4) in 1993, and the Hwasung Mill of Hyundai Steel in 2010 and 2011. In other areas of plant construction, we built plants at the Lotte-Samgang Cheonan location (2005), Boulangerie (2007), Samgang Poseung (2008), and Osan/Gimhae/Gwangmyong distribution centers. In overseas markets, we built the Lotte Confectionary plants in India and Russia (both in 2010) and are constructing plants in Indonesia and China for Hankook Tire. This expertise positions Lotte E&C to expand into other industries from its current lineup of steel, food and beverage, and distribution centers.

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The Pioneers of Overseas Power Plant Construction, Al-Katrana (Jordan) The Pioneers of Overseas Power Plant Construction, Al-Katrana (Jordan) The Pioneers of Overseas Power Plant Construction, Al-Katrana (Jordan)

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The Pioneers of Overseas Power Plant Construction, Al-Katrana (Jordan)

Interview exhibiting confidence in the company/technology/quality: We had a lot of difficulties implementing this first overseas’ project for Lotte E&C. But after considering how this was creating something great out of nothing, we completed the engineering, procurement, and construction of the 400-megawatt combined cycle thermal power plant from design to purchase, construction, and pilot operation in 2011. Although this is my personal pride, the fact that all of our employees gained enormous confidence from accomplishing it is much more gratifying. Thinking that we could become a force to be reckoned with in the Middle East construction market fills my heart with pride.

Project : Al-Katrana Power Generation Plant, Jordan

Period : March 2009 – November 2011

Name/Department : Lee Duksoo, On-site Manager (Executive)/Al-Manakh (Jordan) Power Generation Project

Jordan LPG Storage Facilities Project Jordan LPG Storage Facilities Project Jordan LPG Storage Facilities Project

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The Pioneer in Overseas Expansion of Plant Building Business “Jordan LPG Storage Facilities Project”

Since I arrived in Jordan, I have faced many disparities in business practices with the commissioning company. But I finally earned their trust after I introduced the latest construction site management practices and technologies. As part of safety measures to achieve a no-accident record, we even installed gas detection systems within the compound after considering the possibility of a gas explosion in the surrounding area’s dilapidated facilities. We asked the commissioning company’s employees as well as workers on site to adhere strictly to our safety rules. We responded quickly to questions arising from complicated technical codes and standards by explaining them one by one while strengthening the on-the-job training of plant engineers on operations and maintenance through presentations and actual performance. In January 2010, there was an abduction incident by Somali pirates involving a ship carrying the ball tank spray ring systems, one of the most critical materials for the project. This unexpected development delayed the project by six months so we made an additional order while persuading the commissioning company to share the responsibility. We finally got approval for the additional order and cost overruns caused by the delays. Thanks to our proven ability to get the job done, we were asked to participate in several other projects that the commissioning company had been promoting. Even though it was a small-scale project, we felt unparalleled pride to have finished our first-ever overseas engineering, procurement, and construction project.

Project : Automatic LPG Storage Facilities Project

Period : September 2008 – November 2010

Name/Department : Chemical Plants/Oh Jun-Hyun, Manager

Hyundai Steel Dangjin Integrated Steel Mill Hyundai Steel Dangjin Integrated Steel Mill Hyundai Steel Dangjin Integrated Steel Mill Hyundai Steel Dangjin Integrated Steel Mill

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“Hyundai Steel Dangjin Integrated Steel Mill,” the Model Case for an Integrated Mill

Interview exhibiting confidence in the company/technology/quality: Construction of the Dangjin Steel Mill was literally a continuation of suffering and unforeseen obstacles. The site was located on soft ground and frequent rains made our job to strengthen it much harder. Immediately after we broke ground, the global financial crisis of 2008 hit, which added to our difficulties in getting construction supplies in time. Nonetheless, we persevered and completed the project two months ahead of schedule. It was all thanks to the selfless effort of our team members who had gained valuable experience from building steel mills in Pohang and Gwangyang for POSCO in the 1990s. The completion of this project made us world famous in industrial plant construction. From three years of field experience, our people became experts in steel mill building and based on the performance in Dangjin, we later won a number of similar projects in Southeast Asia. We hope to become a globally competitive construction company with incomparable capabilities in steel plant construction.

Project : Hyundai Steel Dangjin Integrated Steel Mill Construction Project

Period : December 2007 – December 2010

Name/Department : Industrial Plants/Lee Jang-Hyun, Project Manager