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Environmental Management

Lotte E&C’s philosophy to care about humans and the environment is the first step in our environmental management initiative.

Environmental Management


Lotte E&C has established a vision “Green Life 2018 in Lotte” as part of our commitment to actively respond to climate change-induced environmental problems. We are now creating value and growth opportunities through environment management, which goes far beyond simple compliance of environmental regulations.

Green Life 2018 in LOTTE

  • Establish a green environmental management system - Make long-term plans for environmental management - Establish a green management evaluation program - Form an entity that leads the green management initiative
  • Green business creation - Commercialization of green technologies - Strengthen infrastructure for green techs - Discover new growth opportunities related to green techs
  • Establish green management foundation - Nurture professionals in green construction - Strengthen environmental friendliness of construction sites - Beef up internal and external communication - Establish plans for green purchasing/production
Present - Green management Infant stage Good - Green management Growth stage Great - Green management Maturity stage
2010~2012 2013~2015 2016~2018
Establishing green management system - Create enterprise-wide long-term green strategy - Form a program to evaluate green management achievements - Organize an entity to lead the initiative and assign jobs for each team member - Establish a system to respond to worldwide climate change pacts - Introduce and develop an environment performance evaluation system - Set up standards for managing pollution-causing materials - Introduce and develop a green account practice - Establish a network (domestic and international) related to green initiatives
Commercialization of green initiatives - Create a foundation for green construction research - Commercialize and promote green home technology - Conduct greenhouse gas value engineering through lifecycle CO2 - Commercialize green home facilities - Expand the range of new green business - Nuclear power, water, renewable energy projects, etc. - Develop basic and applied technologies related to green construction - Create a zero-carbon house and commercialize it - Earn global certifications related to green goods and services - Secure global competitiveness in green techs
Establishing green infrastructure - Expand programs to train environmental professionals - Turn more attention to wastewater treatment and water resource management - Create the foundation for a green purchasing performance management system - Strengthen in-house communication and external promotion of green initiatives - Publish environmental, sustainability reports - Step up environmentally responsible activities - Continuously publish environmental, sustainability reports - Complement personnel in green management