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Environmental Management

Lotte E&C’s philosophy to care about humans and the environment is the first step in our environmental management initiative.

Green Purchasing

 Current status

The green purchasing initiative that we have pursued so far focuses on reducing the environmental impact of materials from construction to operation, and finally, to demolition.
To fulfill our responsibilities to society beyond simply complying with environmental regulations, we declared a “voluntary pact for industry-wide green purchasing” in 2009 and established a guideline for green purchasing to follow through the commitment. In 2010, we created an actual green purchasing system to do monitoring and strategic expansion of the program.
Lotte E&C will set standards for eco-friendly purchasing metrics on all construction materials so that we can precisely measure the results of our commitment in action.

Establishing performance management system


- It was in response to the government’s green purchasing encouragement measures
  ※ Formed a system to implement the commitment following the voluntary pact to increase green purchasing with the Ministry of Environment (2009)

- Needed cooperation with eco-friendly material suppliers and other partner firms for eco-friendly buildings, certification, and green homes


  • Green purchasing pact (2009)18 group companies with the Ministry of Environment
  • Formed a task force (June)Strategic Planning, IS, Purchasing
  • Set direction (July)Benchmarking, analysis, etc.
  • System setup (– December)
  • System launch (January 2011)
Green purchasing performance
Green purchasing performance
2009 2010 2011
Gov’t sanctioned green purchasing Environment Mark Certified Products 32,610 38,634 45,090
GR Mark Certified Products 6,890 12,589 11,138
Other green purchasing Energy-saving Mark Products 8,510 5,512 11,448
Harmful Substance-reducing Products 1,380 1,253 8,111
Waste-reducing Products 3,210 1,031 2,003
Overseas Environment Mark Certified Products 2,003 370 978
Others - - -
Total 54,603 59,389 78,768

※ Maintenance, repair, and operations not included

(Unit: million won) <Source: Green Purchasing System, Lotte E&C>