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Environmentally Friendly Technology

Lotte E&C is developing technologies that will enhance the quality of life for humans while preserving nature.

Protecting the earth’s environment  and improving the quality of life

green building

In compliance with the government’s initiative to achieve low-carbon growth, we selected new, renewable energy source development and residential green technology development as core items on the R&D agenda.

Friendly energy
Development of environmentally friendly and future energy technologies

Energy-efficient double-paned windows.
We are developing environmentally friendly technologies and solutions and won the 2009 New Environmental Technology Award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.
We performed Korea’s first field test to install a geothermal heat exchange device and applied for a patent.

LOTTE Carbon Assessment System (LOCAS)
LOTTE Carbon Assessment System (LOCAS)

In response to the government’s initiative in low-carbon, green growth, Lotte E&C has established the Future Technology Strategy Committee and is developing technologies to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The LOCAS, or Lotte E&C Carbon Assessment System, quantitatively measures a building’s carbon dioxide emissions from its original construction through operation and demolition. Using the LOCAS, we will be able to make decisions on how to lessen a building’s carbon emissions throughout its lifecycle. At the stage of architectural design, we can fully reflect the commissioning entity’s needs. At the construction stage, we can precisely monitor and measure carbon emissions on a real-time basis so that we can make better decisions on environmental friendliness.

  1. Business initial stage
    Forecast of carbon emissions on the business being promoted
    Consider strategically applying environmentally friendly techniques (e.g., renewable energy sources)
    Business proposal through forecast on environmental friendliness performance (reflect business proposal)
  2. Plan Progress
    Evaluation on alternatives to the carbon emissions reduction plan and review on environmentally friendly desig
    Evaluation on environmental friendliness performance when introducing new construction technology or new materials
    Promotion on the building’s environmental friendliness at the time of selling
  3. Construction stages
    Carbon emissions monitoring during construction
    Carbon emissions reduction through construction technique improvement
    Forecast and performance evaluation
    Possible to measure carbon emissions reduction performance

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  1. Simplified evaluation
  2. Simplified evaluation
  3. Field evaluation Detailed evaluation

< Use of LOCAS: Quantitative evaluation of CO2 occurrence >

Environmentally friendly building certification

We are earning domestically and internationally recognized environmentally friendly building certifications to improve energy efficiency and thereby reduce carbon emissions.
Currently, we are applying for the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification, one of the most sought-after architectural certifications. To that end, we are nurturing LEED- Accredited Professionals, the essential ingredient in becoming LEED compliant.