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Lotte E&C is creating a new paradigm in housing culture.

Lotte Castle President in Mapo
Lotte Castle President in Mapo1 / 4
  • Lotte Castle President in Mapo
  • Lotte Castle Kaiser in Hwamyeong
  • Lotte Castle Rose in Samsung-dong
  • Lotte Castle First in Gangdong

Major experiences

Lotte E&C’s award-winning designs are setting the standard for luxury living. Lotte Castle is by far the most preferred brand in housing .

Lotte Castle

About Lotte Castle

Lotte Castle

Korea’s best apartment brand “Lotte Castle”

Lotte E&C was Korea’s first company to “brand” its apartments. The award-winning designs in the “Lotte Castle” brand are setting the standard for luxury living.

Lotte Castle, Korea’s most preferred apartment

The Lotte Castle brand Has won “the Best Apartment Brand Voted by Women Consumers” award for five consecutive years on the strength of its classy interior designs and beautiful landscaping.

Highest after-sale value

Lotte Castle Has been consistently ranked the highest in after-sale value, reflecting strong appreciation of home value, not just in metropolitan Seoul, Busan but throughout Korea. Owning a Lotte Castle home is sound wealth management.

Not an apartment but Castle

Lauded as a castle not an apartment, Lotte Castle is Korea’s first apartment brand and remains the most preferred brand in housing. View Past Performance

Residential/commercial complex

Lotte E&C’s residential/commercial complexes--Lotte Castle Gold, Empire and Ivy are undisputed industry leaders and have created an unparalleled pride of ownership among residents. View Past Performance

Residential/office complex

The residential/office complexes built by Lotte E&C are sound investments that yield the industry’s highest financial, convenience, and comfort rewards. View Past Performance


Lotte Castle Kaiser Hwamyeong


Korea’s Biggest Apartment Building Project “Lotte Castle Kaiser Hwamyeong” Completed

Interview exhibiting confidence in the company/technology/quality: We just completed the construction project “Lotte Castle Kaiser Hwamyeong” that will accommodate 5,239 families, the biggest in Korea’s history. In the beginning, we set out to do this job because it would be a good opportunity for us to brag about being Korea’s biggest while boosting our corporate reputation in Busan. The experience we gained from this project was enormous, including the drawn-out negotiations with cooperative members and regulatory agencies. We believe the project represents an important foundation upon which to build our future growth.

Project : LH Hwamyeong Renewal Project

Period : March 2009 – June 2012