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Super Tall Building Technology

Lotte E&C is a pioneer in the Super Tall Building market with innovativeness and enthusiasm


What is Super Tall Building technology?

Advenced Technology

Super Tall Building construction is the latest technology that requires a thorough understanding of structural engineering, environmental science related to noise, vibration, and ventilation, and engineering materials technology to address the full gamut of problems associated with earthquakes, winds, pressure, and load.

Lotte E&C has for years conducted in-depth research on building high-rises over 100 stories. This effort led to the completion of landmark projects such as Lotte World II Jamsil and Busan Lotte Town.

International Symposiums on Super Tall Buildings

First Symposium ( 2006.03.07 )
First Symposium ( 2006.03.07 )
Second Symposium ( 2007.03.28 )
Second Symposium ( 2007.03.28 )
Third Symposium ( 2008.04.11 )
Third Symposium ( 2008.04.11 )
Fourth Symposium ( 2009.02.19 )
Fourth Symposium ( 2009.02.19 )

Lotte E&C has firmly established a technology network by working closely with global research institutes and internationally renowned scholars.

Since 2006, Lotte E&C has held international symposiums four times a year to share our experience with the world’s professionals. These efforts demonstrate our leadership in advancing construction technology while honing our own technological capabilities.

Super Tall process

Super Tall process

To consistently create future value, Lotte E&C is focusing intensely on establishing efficient work processes. In structure, materials, construction, planning, and accident prevention, we already have in place a proven knowledge-based management system.

Lotte World Tower embodies the latest technologies

Lotte World Tower
  • Perpendicularity Management with GPS
    State-of-the-art technology ensured adherence to the tightest tolerances in vertical construction
  • The top floors’ split crown-like design
    This design minimizes the building’s vibration by dispersing the wind pressure
  • Elevators
    Installed 600-meter-per-minute high-speed elevators
  • Exterior glass walls
    Photovoltaic cells are installed on the glass and generate 500-megawatts of electric power per year
  • Evacuation spaces
    Created five evacuation spaces completely sealed from outside for every 25 floors
  • Concrete
    Ultra-high-strength concrete with polypropylene fibers was used to enhance vertical strength, is used
  • Cooling and heating
    Reduced the need for artificial cooling and heating by drilling 720 geothermal energy holes up to 200 meters underground