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Lotte E&C is creating a new paradigm in architecture culture.

Jamsil Lotte World
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  • Jamsil Lotte World
  • Lotte World Tower
  • Busan Lotte Town
  • Lotte Hotel Main Office

Major experiences

Lotte E&C erected Korea’s first Super Tall Buildings by relentlessly but strategically expanding the limits.


Being different means having an unparalleled competitive edge. Even with identical blueprints and doing the job under the same conditions, the results may differ depending on who built it. Lotte E&C’s output, from Lotte World to Lotte Department Stores and Lotte Hotels are proof of our unrivaled effort in understanding human living and space.

Theme Parks

Theme ParksTheme Parks

Theme parks are often cited as the best examples of modern architecture, given their complexity yet adherence to a unifying theme. Lotte E&C created Lotte World, the world’s largest indoor theme park, with state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

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Lotte E&C has earned prowess on high-value structures since the 1970s and expanded to the construction of luxury hotels in Korea’s major cities. Symbolic of Lotte E&C’s architectural acumen, many TV producers and movie directors choose Lotte Hotels as their favorite shooting location.

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Retail Establishments

Retail EstablishmentsRetail Establishments

In terms of building large-scale department stores and big-box retail outlets, Lotte E&C has become an unmatched leader. We are on a never-ending quest to better understand and satisfy the needs of human living and working space through our numerous Lotte Department Stores and Lotte Marts.

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Other Construction Projects

Other Construction ProjectsOther Construction Projects

Other projects include office buildings, medical and welfare facilities, educational and research structures, and other public viewing venues. We create architecturally functional and esthetically pleasing properties.

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Seoul’s Landmark Lotte World Tower Seoul’s Landmark Lotte World Tower Seoul’s Landmark Lotte World Tower Seoul’s Landmark Lotte World Tower

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Seoul’s Landmark Lotte World Tower

Interview exhibiting confidence in the company/technology/quality: We are building Lotte World Tower based on previously obtained research results on high-rise building construction. We are incorporating elements of these results such as architecture that can withstand 55-meter-per-second winds at a 555-meter height, endure earthquakes over 7.0 on the Richter scale, and technology to make 80-megapascal high-strength and ultra-low-heat concrete. We also make use of direct pumping technology to transport the high-strength concrete to the higher floors of the building. We have additionally adopted the latest technologies in solar energy, wind power generation, geothermal energy heating, and heating and cooling using river water. From planning to architectural design, construction, and maintenance, Lotte E&C leads the industry in creating landmark buildings like Lotte World Tower.

Project : Construction of Lotte World Tower

Period : November 2011 – October 2015

Name/Department : Do Gwang-soo, Manager/Lotte World Jamsil II