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Lotte E&C is working hard to create a prosperous society for all by engaging in socially responsible activities and shared growth initiatives.

 Social Contribution

Return part of the profits to society

We do this as part of our socially responsible activities.

Voluntary participation

It makes our people proud of what they do.

Honesty, charity work, and passion

Our people are doing volunteer activities based on Lotte Group’s management philosophy.

 Social contribution

Creation of the sharing fund through the company’s matching grant program

Lotte E&C has introduced a matching grant program so that its people can make donations knowing that their money can double.
The sharing fund is spent on meaningful projects as chosen by the charity groups within the company.

Charity groups

  • Provide help to welfare facilities
  • Help with low-income families and children
  • Cultural/artistic sponsorship
  • Educational grants

 Stories of sharing