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Environmental Management

Lotte E&C’s philosophy to care about humans and the environment is the first step in our environmental management initiative.

Environmentally-Friendly Construction

Environmentallyfriendly construction goals

  • No environmental rule violation
  • Minimal dust scattering
  • Minimal construction waste
  • Build reputation as an eco-friendly company
  • Minimize energy consumption

 Detailed goals


  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
Reuse rate for construction waste
  • Earth and sand
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Asphalt-concrete
  • 3R campaign (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
    • - Minimize construction waste
    • - Reduce consumption of energy and paper Products
    • - Routinize recycling and reusing
  • Reuse construction wastes more than required
  • Maintain dust scattering below the legal limit Below the annual limit of 500 µg/m² and the daily limit of 100 µg/m²
  • Maintain normal pH level and SS-bond of less than 90% to prevent water pollution
  • Take preventive measures on matters that can cause environmental complaints
  • Routinize the habit of cleaning and arranging neatly

 Environmental management system certification (ISO 14001)

To put into practice environmentally sound, sustainable development, Lotte E&C has earned the ISO 14001 certification for its implementation of Korea’s first eco-friendly system.

ISO14001 Standard operational structure
  • PLAN - Determine the environmental impact - evaluate environmental impact by item - Set environmental goals/establish environmental improvement plans
  • DO - Delineate responsibilities within the organization/provide environment-related training - Establish a system to communicate environment information/set in-house rules on environment
  • ACTION - Determine the environmental impact/evaluate environmental impact by item - Set environmental goals/establish environmental improvement plans
  • CHECK - Supervision and measurement/remedy irregularities - Manage documents related to environmental issues/implement environmental audit
Certificate1 Certificate2

On-site environmental friendly activities

To reduce pollution in areas near our worksites, we created guidebooks including laws, practical guidelines, and environmental management workbooks and shared them with everyone on the site. This significantly minimizes site pollution.

On-site environmental pollution source management

To prevent atmosphere, water, noise, and vibration environmental pollution, Lotte E&C conducted environmental impact assessments and accordingly installed prevention equipment and facilities.
We regularly monitor the equipment and facilities via the Intranet to ensure they are being maintained properly. We are always vigilant about possible construction site pollution.

[Current status in environmental management]
[Current status in environmental management]
[Voluntary check on environmental risk]
[Voluntary check on environmental risk]
Environmental cleanup

We observe a monthly environment day to improve the environmental quality of surrounding areas by cleaning up and raising awareness of environmental cleanliness.

Environmental cleanup1 Environmental cleanup2 Environmental cleanup3
Asbestos safety management

Lotte E&C has made a voluntary pact on asbestos safety management with the Ministry of Environment. Under the terms of the pact, we comply with rules that call for not scattering asbestos dust that would affect the health of the workers and residents. In addition, we require each and every worker to wear safety hats and other protective clothing.

Asbestos safety management