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Lotte E&C, acquired a patent for a new bridge construction method that crosses an eight-lane road dimensionally

FILE | DATE | 2011-04-20


Lotte E&C recently acquired a patent on ‘arch bridge construction method’ that constructs a bridge by dimensionally crossing an eight-lane road. The patent acquired this time is ‘the bridge deck establishment method and equipment by means of line and turning launching (Patent No. 10-1024804)’ and ‘the rotation bridge deck establishment method and equipment by means of move-car and rotation plate (Patent No. 10-1024784),’ and these methods were applied for the construction of the double-track subway in Gyeongjeon line, which is to be completed this year, as well as that of the arch bridge that is a railway bridge at the construction site No. 2-2 for the Busan New Port and crosses Namhae Expressway of Jillye Overpass. This construction method simultaneously applied both the ‘launching method’ that connects a road by pushing it forward after making a bridge at the outside of an expressway, and the ‘rotation method’ that rotates a bridge with an axis as the center.

Possible to construct a dimensional bridge without traffic control or a detour road construction
Namhae Expressway, which passes under a bridge, is an eight-lane road accommodating more than 100 thousand vehicles a day. At the initial stage of its planning, the bridge was planned to be constructed after providing a temporary detour and preventing traffic from the expressway. However, a new construction method was developed to address the safety-related issues in the detour and to reduce the construction period.

This construction method developed by Lotte E&C is a launching and rotation method; thus, the new construction of a dimensionally crossing bridge without any traffic control or construction of an additional detour shortened the construction period up to about 6 months. The core construction methods of this patent for the linear and rotational launching, holding of a moving car, and rotation plate are highly expected to be applied in future bridge construction projects.


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