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Lotte E&C is creating a new paradigm in housing culture.

Lotte Castle President in Mapo
Lotte Castle President in Mapo1 / 4
  • Lotte Castle President in Mapo
  • Lotte Castle Kaiser in Hwamyeong
  • Lotte Castle Rose in Samsung-dong
  • Lotte Castle First in Gangdong

Major experiences

Lotte E&C’s award-winning designs are setting the standard for luxury living. Lotte Castle is by far the most preferred brand in housing .

Reconstruction & Redevelopments


A rebuilding project involves demolishing dilapidated houses and forming cooperatives with owners and contractors to build new housing that creates higher-value added residences.

Lotte Castle

Rebuilding record of 122,439 units across the country

Lotte Castle is the top brand in the rebuilding industry because of the confidence cooperative members have in us. Urban renewal projects completed by Lotte Castle protect the wealth of residents and preserve the environment for future generations.

The “Castle Belt” in Gangnam and Seocho areas

The vast Seocho and Gangnam districts of Seoul are called the “Castle Belt” because Lotte Castle apartment construction projects to accommodate 10,000 households are underway. The Castle Belt is doing what no other construction contractors could accomplish. Unquestionably the best apartment brand--Lotte Castle .

Simply changing the name to Lotte Castle can raise apartment pricesSimply changing the name to Lotte Castle can raise apartment prices

Lotte Castle Kaiser in Hwamyeong

Lotte Castle Kaiser in Hwamyeong

Nation's largest housing capacity of 5.239 units
2012-09-13 Busan City's new "Land Mark"

Lotte Castle Winner Mok-dong

Lotte Castle Winner Mok-dong

What’s in a name? The Castle brand broke the record for the highest price increase in 2005.

Lotte Castle Galaxy Jamwon

Lotte Castle Galaxy Jamwon

The Castle of Premium reached 100% occupancy immediately after sales launch

Major Past PerformanceMajor Past Performance

Lotte Castle Kaiser in Hwamyeong
Lotte Castle Kaiser in Hwamyeong1 / 7
  • Lotte Castle Kaiser in Hwamyeong
  • Lotte Castle First Gangdong
  • Lotte Castle Winner Mok-dong
  • Lotte Castle Premier Samseong-dong
  • Lotte Castle Galaxy Jamwon-dong
  • Lotte Castle Classic Seocho-dong
  • Lotte Castle Gold Guseo-dong (Busan)

Lotte Castle Keizer is a new community of high-rise apartments in West Busan that offers housing capacity up to 5,239 families. Previously known as Hwamyeong Apartments and recently renovated, Keizer Apartment buildings stands 35 stories tall and extends 3 stories underground. It also garnered national-wide attention as the winner of the Grand Prize Award from the Green Construction Industry Competition for it's beautiful landscaping and eco-friendly design.

8 Success Factors8 Success Factors

Is the company financially sound?

Rebuilding and urban renewal projects require huge investments in time and money. Those construction contractors with excellent credit ratings benefit from financing at the most favorable terms. Choosing a financially sound contractor saves a lot of money for current residents and ensures a trouble-free track to completion and owner satisfaction.

is the company an excellent service provider even after move-in?

Choosing a contractor that is negligent about repairs and maintenance quickly depreciates the value of your house and shifts the financial burden of maintenance to the residents.

Do house prices go up every year?

Does the apartment have a great premium?
The premium of an apartment is determined by the brand value of the apartment. Choosing a trusted brand makes a positive impact on property value enhancement.

Is the apartment recommended by the residents?

When in doubt, ask someone who lives in the apartment to learn the real value of the architecture, interior design, and finishing materials.

Do many people wish to live in the apartment?

choosing an apartment with strong demand reflects superior property values in the future.

Does the contractor have adequate experience with apartment constructions?

Contractors with extensive construction experience guarantee better quality housing at lower costs.

Does the contractor have much experience in rebuilding & urban renewal projects?

The regulatory requirements for rebuilding and urban renewal projects are a complicated web that can trap Inexperienced contractors during construction.

What about the architecture and interior design?

Apartments with excellent architectural and interior design provide residents a comfortable life with strong prospects for greater property values in the future.


Lotte Castle Kaiser Hwamyeong


Korea’s Biggest Apartment Building Project “Lotte Castle Kaiser Hwamyeong” Completed

Interview exhibiting confidence in the company/technology/quality: We just completed the construction project “Lotte Castle Kaiser Hwamyeong” that will accommodate 5,239 families, the biggest in Korea’s history. In the beginning, we set out to do this job because it would be a good opportunity for us to brag about being Korea’s biggest while boosting our corporate reputation in Busan. The experience we gained from this project was enormous, including the drawn-out negotiations with cooperative members and regulatory agencies. We believe the project represents an important foundation upon which to build our future growth.

Project : LH Hwamyeong Renewal Project

Period : March 2009 – June 2012