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Lotte E&C is creating a new paradigm in housing culture.

Lotte Castle President in Mapo
Lotte Castle President in Mapo1 / 4
  • Lotte Castle President in Mapo
  • Lotte Castle Kaiser in Hwamyeong
  • Lotte Castle Rose in Samsung-dong
  • Lotte Castle First in Gangdong

Major experiences

Lotte E&C’s award-winning designs are setting the standard for luxury living. Lotte Castle is by far the most preferred brand in housing .


What Is Renovation?What Is Renovation?

Lotte Castle

The formal definition of renovation is “the act of expansion, improvement, and major repairing to slow down or reverse the building’s declining value and functionality.” In general, renovation involves “raising the property value by improving the existing building’s esthetic, environmental, or energy-saving features, thereby enhancing the residents’ productivity and comfort.”

Benefits of Building Renovation

Resource SavingResource Saving

Saves enormous resources put into constructing structures by lengthening the existing building’s life span

Environmentally FriendlyEnvironmentally Friendly

Reduces waste by extending the building’s life span

Economic StimulusEconomic Stimulus

Stimulates economic activity by expanding the market size to existing buildings

Job CreationJob Creation

Creates jobs for workers with experience and technical expertise

Major ExamplesMajor Examples

We are committed to creating the most successful renovation projects yielding the highest value

Lotte Castle Pyungchang Renovation / Olympiad Hotel Pyungchang Renovation

Lotte Castle Pyungchang Renovation / Olympiad Hotel Pyungchang Renovation

The previously-named Olympiad Hotel located in the upscale neighborhood of Pyungchang-dong was renovated and reborn as a Lotte Castle

Scale : 8 buildings (5-12 stories above ground, 2 underground); 113 units Hotel Main Building : 2nd-12th floors and 2 basement floors underwent interior and exterior structural reinforcement Other Buildings : Five five-story buildings were newly built

Major Past PerformanceMajor Past Performance

Renovation of luxury goods shopping mall Avenuel
Renovation of luxury goods shopping mall Avenuel1 / 7
  • Renovation of luxury goods shopping mall Avenuel
  • Main Lotte Department Store renovation
  • Young Plaza renovation
  • Lotte Department Store Gangnam renovation
  • Renovation of Lotte Mart Yeocheon Store
  • New Domestic Flight Terminal
  • Renovation of Lotte Cinema Youngdeungpo

Renovation of Hanbit Building

Lotte E&C has transformed run-of-the-mill shopping malls into prestigious surroundings that house must-see shops.


Lotte Castle Kaiser Hwamyeong


Korea’s Biggest Apartment Building Project “Lotte Castle Kaiser Hwamyeong” Completed

Interview exhibiting confidence in the company/technology/quality: We just completed the construction project “Lotte Castle Kaiser Hwamyeong” that will accommodate 5,239 families, the biggest in Korea’s history. In the beginning, we set out to do this job because it would be a good opportunity for us to brag about being Korea’s biggest while boosting our corporate reputation in Busan. The experience we gained from this project was enormous, including the drawn-out negotiations with cooperative members and regulatory agencies. We believe the project represents an important foundation upon which to build our future growth.

Project : LH Hwamyeong Renewal Project

Period : March 2009 – June 2012