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Lotte Construction develops ‘Smart Door Phone & Lock’

FILE | DATE | 2011-09-08


‘Lotte Construction developed an integrated type ‘Smart Door Phone & Lock’ equipped with the functionality of door phone, door lock, batch-type switch, and security device.
‘Smart Door Phone & Lock’ developed by Lotte Construction combines digital door phone and door lock into an integrated device that enables character display and presents convenience, functionality, and elegant design as well as security.

▶ Doorplate functionality on LCD window & Password Entry
Smart Door Phone & Lock can be attached to the fire door in the individual house so as to function as door phone, door lock, and package switch. Especially, it is designed for the user to enter secret number on random basis by applying touch-type LCD to the door lock function, eliminating the risk element of fingerprint remnants. In addition, it may function as electronic doorplate that displays the owner’s name as well as the house number through the LCD screen. It also allows for leaving a memo intended for the visiting guest if deemed necessary.

Furthermore, considering users of various ages, the height of calling button is lowered and the camera at the front gate is activated through motion detection sensor, reinforcing the security function of front door, which was a dead zone in terms of security. When away from home, the user can simply set the system to outing mode for total power off and gas blocking. Upon the setup of outing mode, the elevator is called immediately.

▶ Differentiated design and reinforced convenience
Smart Door Phone & Lock adopted sensitive slim-type design, having a thickness a mere 5mm. It highlights a sophisticated image by using the materials applied to the latest smartphone. In addition, it pursued a polished design by focusing on detailed elements such as call button. Unlike the existing digital door lock, it has no other structure inside the door except for the handle. In addition, the smart door phone & lock is separated from its handle, allowing for the handle design, which is dependent on digital door lock, to be modified according to the specific site conditions.

An executive person in charge at the Lotte Construction Design Research Institute said, “We have actively reflected the opinion of the customers who have used our door phone and door lock and then we came to develop Smart Door Phone & Lock with its convenience and security improved properly.” “We will start to apply the system to Seocho Samick 2nd lot and Bangbae 2-6 district Lotte Castle that are to be sold in the second half of this year,” he added.


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