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Towards the Peak altogether!

FILE | DATE | 2011-09-19

In the 17th of this month (Sat), Lotte Construction provided an opportunity of hiking in Cheonggye Mountain. The event was attended by a total of 110 persons including 40 representatives of excellent suppliers, together with Park Chang-gyu, the President of Lotte Construction, as well as its officers.
This event, which was progressed with hiking for approx. 3 hours, was prepared to enable the participants to exchange their difficulties and dilemmas open-mindedly for the promotion of continuous shared growth.
The participants tried to establish camaraderie during this hiking event by helping and receiving help in their efforts. They enthusiastically chanted a slogan “Towards the Peak Altogether” in loud voices at the Isubong Peak of Cheonggye Mountain, expressing their sincere pursuit of becoming the best.
In addition, in the rally to strengthen the unity following the hiking event, there was an opportunity of enhancing friendship in a natural way. There was also a Q&A session on the method of shared growth that is being promoted by Lotte Construction.
An executive officer in charge of the Secretariat of Shared Growth Promotion Office in Lotte Construction who organized this event said, "We came to hold this hiking event to promote friendship with the suppliers and create a venue of unity.” “Transcending the boundaries of a formal activity, the hiking event served as a good opportunity for having honest conversations with each other regarding our efforts,” he added.
In the meantime, Lotte Construction suggested a new direction of get-together where the CEO directly visits the supplier or factory since the Shared Growth Promotion Office headed by the President was established in November of last year. Furthermore, the CEO also visited the sites of Gimpo Sky Park, Road connected to Heonneungro Rd. to know about the actual bottlenecks experienced by the suppliers on site and discover the route for win-win situation.

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