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Civil Works

Lotte E&C’s civil works projects include highways, subways, railroads, industrial complexes, and port facilities

Gwangan Grand Road
Gwangan Grand Road1 / 4
  • Gwangan Grand Road
  • Gwangan Grand Road
  • Gwangan Grand Road
  • Gwangan Grand Road

Major experiences

Experience and proven performance make Lotte E&C perfectly positioned for overseas expansion and the creation of even greater value for customers

Civil Works

Lotte E&C was born during the fast-growth 1960s. Orders steadily grew to build roads, railways, and ports in Saudi Arabia from which we gained valuable experience. Today’s specialty areas include the rapidly growing demand for high-speed trains, environmental projects, and leisure buildings.

Highways, bridges, tunnels

Highways, bridges, tunnelsHighways, bridges, tunnels

Highway construction is the most important sub-area in public works projects. We began by building the Seoul-Busan high-speed train railway followed by the Choongang, Youngdong, and West Coast Highways. Recently we completed the Seoul-Choonchun Highway and Yongin-Seoul Highway projects and are currently constructing the Gangnam Beltway and Sangju-Youngduk Highway. The Grand Banghwa Bridge connecting the Incheon Int’l Airport Highway and the 7.4-kilometer Grand Gwangan Bridge in Busan are also part of our proud portfolio of accomplishments.

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Railroads, subways

Railroads, subwaysRailroads, subways

As part of the national railway construction project, we participated in many sections including Busan #222 and #223, Seoul No. 3 Line 3-4 and 5-20 sections. With this experience on hand, we also took part in projects such as Seoul-Busan high-speed train line 12-3, 10-3A, and 10-3B intervals, as well as Daejeon Subway 1-19 intervals and Incheon Subway 215 site.

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With our extensive experience in constructing moorings and seawalls, we were called upon to build the New Busan Port 1-1 and expand the Gamcheon Central Pier to increase cargo handling capacity. We also built and renovated piers in Incheon, North Incheon, and Ulsan to make Korea one of Asia’s most important hubs.

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Industrial and residential complexes development

Industrial complexesresidential developmentIndustrial complexes, residential development

We have completed industrial and residential complexes in such far-flung locations as Wonju, Busan (Noksan Industrial Complex), Gimpo, and Nam-Yangju.

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Water treatment projects have been completed in Sokcho, Youngdo, and Ulsan. Current projects in Pohang and Bulgyo include building a Sewage treatment center and sewage recycling plant. The Pohang treatment center’s 100,000-ton daily capacity represents a landmark project that reflects our capabilities in this area.

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Landscaping/golf courses

Landscaping/golf coursesLandscaping/golf courses

To improve environmental quality, we completed landscaping projects in Yongin and are working on similar projects in Asan and Jinju. Lotte E&C is also experienced in building environmentally friendly golf courses including the Jeju Skyhill Country Club, Gimhae Skyhill Country Club, and Bears Best Chungla Country Club in the Incheon IBD.

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through arch bridge through arch bridge through arch bridge through arch bridge

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Creative construction method “through arch bridge”

Interview exhibiting confidence in the company/technology/quality: The through arch method adopted in building a bridge on the Kyeongjeon Line was the result of thinking outside the box. Expected to save construction time while securing greater structural stability, the method was introduced by Lotte E&C and later patented. We also won the gold medal for the Public Works Projects of the Year award given by the Korean Society of Civil Engineers in 2011.

Project : Construction to build Kyeongjeon Line double track and New Busan Port back railway beds (2-2 interval)

Period : May 2005 – February 2011