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Lotte E&C’s global network is expanding to Libya, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates, along with projects in Japan, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Russia, Malaysia, and Australia.

Lotte Center Hanoi
Lotte Center Hanoi1 / 4
  • Lotte Center Hanoi
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • Rebuild tokyo Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan
  • Lotte Business Center, Russia

Major experiences

Our steady pursuit of new markets will propel us to the top of the global construction industry

Overseas Projects

Lotte E&C construction operations span Japan, Russia, Vietnam, China, Australia, Mongolia, and the rapidly growing business in the Middle East and Africa. Our operational organization is divided into Overseas Business Group 1, 2, Overseas Development Team, Overseas Planning. Our global reach has expanded from the Saudi Arabia projects in the mid-1970s to Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, and China. Recent overseas contracts include an infrastructure construction project in Al-Ajaylat, Libya and a commercial complex construction project that includes a hotel, department store, and Lotte business center in Russia. A number of commercial facility construction projects have been completed in Vietnam and a large-scale commercial facility project in China. We are building a hotel in Mongolia and an embassy compound and other projects in Japan.Continued expansion of expertise and market reach ensure that we reach our goal of becoming a truly global construction contractor.



Architecture is a strong point for Lotte E&C. With our proven capabilities in constructing hotels, retail outlets, and residential-commercial complexes under the Lotte Group umbrella, we have been able to enter the high-growth markets of Russia, Vietnam and Mongolia.

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With Korea’s best brand--Lotte Castle--and proven technical capabilities, Lotte E&C has entered the residential construction markets for upscale villas and condominiums in Vietnam and Australia.

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Civil Works

Public WorksPublic Works

Lotte E&C has built roads, bridges, and tunnels in Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, and China and is looking forward to additional public works projects In international markets.

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Plant Construction

Plant ConstructionPlant Construction

The ever-expanding capabilities of Lotte E&C now include construction of power generation, environmental, and petrochemical plants.

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Lotte Business Center Lotte Business Center

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“Lotte Business Center” (Formerly Russian-Korean Cultural Center) That Boosts the Pride of Russian-Koreans

Interview exhibiting confidence in the company/technology/quality:Russia is known in the construction industry as a wasteland. Lotte E&C set out to build a large-scale office and department store complex (New Arbat building) and a five-star hotel (Lotte Hotel) in the middle of Moscow where construction regulations are the world’s worst. This project raised the visibility of Korean construction contractors in Russia. In addition, Lotte E&C is building the Lotte Business Center (formerly the Russian-Korean Cultural Center), achieving important milestones in terms of construction, quality control, safety, and environmental protection. This project symbolizes the pride of the Han People and is expected to improve the status of Korean-Russian residents.

Project : “Lotte Business Center” (formerly Russian-Korean Cultural Center)

Period : January 2011 – March 2013

Name/Department : Lotte Business Center/Kim Ilsoo, Executive

Lotte Center Hanoi Lotte Center Hanoi Lotte Center Hanoi Lotte Center Hanoi

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The Centerpiece of Lotte’s Vietnam Business “Lotte Center Hanoi”

Interview exhibiting confidence in the company/technology/quality:Lotte Center Hanoi is the centerpiece of Lotte Group’s strategy to become Asia’s top-ten company. Located in the capital city of Vietnam, the building will become the group’s headquarters for the entire Southeast Asian market. Symbolizing the Vietnamese national costume "ao dai," the 65-story building encompasses a hotel, service residence hotel, department store, retail outlet, and office spaces. In terms of safety maintenance, environmental management, and state-of-the-art construction technology, the building is writing a new chapter in Vietnam’s construction history. Lotte E&C will gain market recognition by transferring environmental and renewable energy technologies to local companies. Lotte Center Hanoi will be a new landmark in the capital city and work as a bridgehead for Lotte Group to enter the Vietnamese market and beyond.

Project : Lotte Center Hanoi

Period : May 2010 – June 2014

Name/Department : Lotte Center Hanoi/Kim Daejin, Manager

Renewal of the Korean Embassy in Japan


100th Project in Japan, “Renewal of the Korean Embassy in Japan”

Lotte E&C won the project to rebuild the Korean Embassy in Japan as the 100th construction project in Japan. Breaking ground on May 24, 2010, the project has been going smoothly with the progress rate reaching 52%. Located in Tokyo’s Minami-Azabu (Minato-ku), the embassy compound will be transformed into an embassy building (7 above ground floors and 1 basement floor) and an official ambassadorial residence (2 above ground and 3 basement floors) by May 23, 2013

Project : The Project to Renew the Korean Embassy in Japan

Period : May 24, 2010 – May 23, 2013

Name/Department : Cho Yong-bon, Senior Manager/On-site Manager in Construction of Korean Embassy in Japan